"Serving the people of Berks County as Commissioner is a special honor and something that I do not take for granted. Since begining my service as your Commissioner in 2008, we've seen many positive changes in our community and county government. We are fiscally sound, the unemployment rate is lower than when I took office and Berks County Government is something our citizens can be proud of. I know that together we can continue working to make Berks County even better. Together - Making Berks Better!"  

— Christian Leinbach, Berks County Commissioner






Foundations - Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and PA Constitution

Fiscal responsibility



To serve the people honestly, courageously and humbly while honoring my God and my oath to both the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions.



I believe in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence as foundational to our Republic.

I believe in smaller and efficient government and the power of individual initiative and responsibility.

I believe that Character matters and that there is no replacement for hard work and honesty.

I believe that government today spends, taxes and regulates too much.

I believe in free enterprise with moral absolutes...winning isn't the only thing...it matters as much how one wins.



Criminal Justice Reform

  • Addressing the system failures

  • Addressing the financial costs

  • Addressing the socioeconomic costs

Growing Jobs in Berks

  • Expanding the J.E.A.P. (Joint Express Approval Program) process

  • Supporting a county-wide LERTA

  • Supporting the right to farm and growth in agri-business

Continuing to manage county finances in the best interest of the taxpayer

Continuing to streamline county government operations

Organizing efforts to encourage Civil Debate in an Uncivil Society